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bre14Best Erotic Romance 2014 – (1/20/14 from Cleis Press)

A Singer Who Doesn’t Sing by Jeanette Grey

Two jaded artists have given up on creating anything, because nothing they make feels like it’s truly theirs. Together, however, they learn to build something entirely new.

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Best Erotic Romance 2013
 – (12/11/12 from Cleis Press)

Teach Me by Jeanette Grey

Lissa never expected to find either love or lust at a yoga class, but when the hot guy on the mat beside hers needs help getting into a pose, she can’t resist giving him a hand. After class, he asks her to teach him more about yoga, but the two of them end up teaching each other a whole lot more.

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Corporate Affairs – (9/16/12 from Xcite Press)

The Game by Jeanette Grey

Everybody needs a diversion to help pass the time at work. Together with her fellow administrative assistant (and secret boyfriend) Andy, Mel enjoys playing a game they call ‘fucking or not fucking’. In it, they try to guess which of their supervisors are sleeping together to advance their careers. All that speculation leads to other games, though. Games wherein the two of them pretend that Andy is the supervisor – and Mel is the underling who is desperate to get ahead.

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Going Down: Oral Sex Stories – (5/15/12 from Cleis Press)

Seriously by Jeanette Grey: 

Shy, nervous Ricki is terrified of oral sex. No one has ever offered it to her, and the one time she tried to provide it, things went terribly wrong. When she finally admits to her new boyfriend, Glen, that she doesn’t do blow jobs, he’s understanding and sweet, but he’s also determined to show her exactly what she’s been missing.

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Lustfully Ever After: Fairy Tale Erotic Romance – (5/15/12 from Cleis Press)

Gretel’s Lament by Jeanette Grey: The forest of love is frightening and dark, and it’s an easy place for a girl to get lost. In this modern play on Hansel and Gretel, the girl in question is a twenty-something-year-old woman who is tempted to give her heart to a man who lures her in with promises of sweetness. Even as she falls in love, she remains wary, leaving breadcrumbs on her heart to remind herself that she can always find her way home.

Gretel’s Lament is the story of how she learns to trust, and how it takes more than just a house to make a place feel like home.

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Men of Steel – (4/9/12 from Dreamspinner Press)

Behind the Mask by Jeanette Grey: For Mack, invisibility has been more of a curse than a blessing. While he’s used his power to fight for the side of good, he can’t help hoping that someone will someday be able to see him. Someone like The Neutralizer – Metropolis’s only openly gay superhero, and the only man in the world who can counteract others’ powers.

Jeff, too, wishes to be seen. Life as The Neutralizer has brought him plenty of visibility but very little in the way of real connections. Everyone is too dazzled by his mask and cape to get to know the real him. Everyone, that is, except the mysterious man he notices lurking in the shadows at a crime scene one day. Little does he know that the man he is about to meet is not only invisible, but also extraordinary.

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Don’t Read in the Closet: Volume 1 – (11/2/11)

Heart and Soul by Jeanette Grey: The tattoos on Duke’s body tell the stories of all the times he’s loved and lost. His best friend, Ben, knows all the stories. But Ben doesn’t want to be written on Duke’s skin. He wants to be in Duke’s heart.

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Higher Learning cover

Higher Learning – (10/18/11 from Dreamspinner Press)

Bug Boy by Jeanette Grey: Dan Holbrook remembers Jesse Milner as the social misfit from his third grade class-the quiet boy in the glasses who liked to play with bugs. When he encounters Jesse again as a junior in college, the glasses and the bugs are still there, but in every other way he’s changed. Handsome and self-assured, Jesse is exactly Dan’s type, but a decade of resentment over past rejections has made Jesse wary. Dan resolves to do whatever he has to in order to crack that prickly exoskeleton and get close to Jesse, no matter how hard Jesse tries to push him away.

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Power Play – (7/5/11 from Xcite Press)

The Next Step by Jeanette Grey: Quiet, bookish Cynthia is not the type of woman who would wear a short skirt out in public, much less her metal-studded leather play collar. Only, when her lover and sometimes-Master orders her to wear both – and then to join him on a crowded subway car – she’s surprised to discover she’s not exactly the type of woman she thought she was after all.

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