Rogue Passion coverI am thrilled to announce the release of Rogue Passion. It’s a collection of seven brand new resistance romances, including stories by Zoey Castile, Chelsea Cameron, and yours truly!

My contribution, Taking Aim, is an m/f, #ownvoices story of teacher turned accidental internet gun control activist Julie Chao and the mysterious, bespectacled hottie in a suit who challenges her to take her vision to the next level–but is he really who she thinks he is? (Keep scrolling for an exclusive excerpt!)

For release week only, get the entire volume for just $0.99!

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An exclusive excerpt from Taking Aim:


I whip around. I’m dead on my feet, but Eli’s smirk is a shot of espresso to my system.

Standing against the red brick wall of the building, he’s dressed in another of his impeccable suits. He looks approachable, though. Soft.

Like I could walk right on over to him and fall into his arms.

Instead, I summon what willpower I have left and raise my brows at his empty hands. “What, no coffee?”

“Sorry, didn’t have a chance.” He glances around pointedly. “There was some massive protest or something outside my building. Weird, huh?”

Super weird.” I’m starting to sag. I gaze up at him plaintively. God, I feel so pathetic asking. But the entire thing was his suggestion, and suddenly, I’m aching for his approval. “How do you think it went?”

He blinks at me from behind the lenses of his glasses, like he can’t believe I really have to ask. “It went amazing, Julie. I couldn’t have planned it better myself.”

“I doubt that.”

“Trust me.” Something shifts in his voice. “Ryker’s staff are shitting themselves right now, you hear?”

“You mean it?”

“They are terrified of you.”

I let out a breath that feels like all the air flowing out of my lungs. “Thank God.”

“You did a fantastic job. Seriously.”

He gazes at me, and the moment feels ripe with possibility. He’s still a couple of yards away, but the air between us hums. My skin prickles with awareness, and warmth flows across my skin.

I take a few steps closer. He leans in, too, pushing off from the building to help me close the gap.

The space around us feels even more intimate. It’s easy to forget that twenty minutes ago, the whole area was crowded with people and news vans.

His throat bobs. His voice goes quiet, like he recognizes the delicate nature of the moment. “I really admire you, you know? What you’re doing here.” He gestures at the remnants of our protest.


Gazing off into the distance, he nods. “Everything I do is behind the scenes. My parents give me shit for that, but I’ve never wanted the limelight.” He tilts his head, looking back at me. “You haven’t either, have you?”

How does he know? I laugh, a derisive chuckle in the rear of my throat. “That would be an understatement.”

“Then it’s all the more incredible that you’ve stepped into it anyway. I don’t think I ever could.”

“I don’t know about that…”

He’s so charismatic, so charming and easy to talk to. I bet he could do whatever he wanted to.

“You have no idea. I was such a nerd back in the day.”

Something in me makes me bold. Holding my breath, I step in even closer and reach my hand up. I tweak his glasses with my heart in my throat. “Only back in the day, eh?”

I half expect him to slap my hand away. But instead, he encircles my wrist with his fingers. His thumb rubs at my pulse point, and electricity crackles all the way along my arm.

Staring straight into my eyes, he smiles softly. “Okay, maybe I’m still a little bit of a nerd today.”

My heart pounds harder. Why does that make him even more attractive to me? I’ve always counted myself as kind of a geek. Maybe we have more in common than I realized.

A long moment passes just like that, the two of us gazing at each other, all but holding hands. I lick my lips and imagine his eyes grow darker.

But then he tugs gently at my wrist, nudging my hand away from his face. I drop my arm, and he lets me go. My skin burns where he was touching me.

He takes a step back. Am I crazy to think I see regret in his eyes?

Quietly, he asks, “So what’s next?”

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