When the jock met the geek…

Get What You Need returns to shelves

Has back to school got you down? Cheer up with this sexy, m/m, nerd/ljock college romance. Get What You Need is once again available in ebook — with a brand new look!

Love isn’t rocket science. It’s much, much harder.

Determination and elbow grease propelled Greg London from blue-collar background to Ph.D. candidate. His single-mindedness doesn’t leave a lot of room for a personal life, but that’s the price of success. Besides, it’s not like the boring nerd ever ends up with the hot guy.

Then his housemate, gorgeous undergraduate jock Marshall Sulkowski, invites him to watch a movie. In his room. Side by side on his bed. Needless to say, the sexual tension is wreaking havoc with Greg’s focus.

Marsh seems to have it all—looks, charm, and a baseball scholarship to a great school. In reality, his father’s cut him off, and he’s floundering and desperate for a break.

One impulsive kiss leads to a red-hot affair that gets them a little bit of what they need to stay afloat. But as the end of the semester approaches and the pressure rises, Marsh realizes charm may have gotten him into his brilliant lover’s pants, but he’ll have to dig deeper to discover what they both need.

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Bonjour and Guten Tag!

My critically acclaimed Art of Passion series is heading to Europe! Seven Nights to Surrender and Eight Ways to Ecstasy are both available in French now:


Seven Nights dropped in Germany last week. The sequel will be out in 2018.


Stay tuned for more updates…

My 2018 publishing schedule is starting to shape up! Look for details on upcoming new releases soon <3

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