Review Round-up for Letting Go


A few lovely people have had some lovely things to say about Letting Go.
So You Think You Can Write
Jeanette Grey is a truly gifted writer that tells a heartfelt story of love and loss and does it in a way that we can all relate to. There’s no quick roll in the hay or a love-at-first-sight encounter here. What Letting Go is is a story of love and its many different facets and when you truly look at it, you find that love, in all it’s wonderful phases, fills your heart like pieces of a puzzle, making you feel complete no matter what the circumstances in life are currently throwing your way.
Brief Encounters
Overall, I came away from this story with a positive feeling for the two men. David goes through a lot in terms of emotion in the story, but it ends well for him and as such I was happy. This story would appeal to those looking for a slightly angsty read with an engaging hero and I would recommend it.
Serena Yates / Queer Magazine Online
If you like stories with depth and background, don’t mind them to be a little serious and are ready to deal with some serious questions and the emotions this book will make you feel, you will probably like it.
Letting Go by Jeanette Grey – Now available from Dreamspinner Press

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