My Secret Fetish

Erotic photographs have been a guilty pleasure of mine for some time now. I find them on Tumblr, and sometimes my friends send them to me. I keep them for inspiration. Or sometimes just because I’m pervy. 
I love artsy photos, black and white photos, blurry photos. I love ones that show the connection between two people as they pleasure and explore each other.
But over the years, as I have continued to indulge in this habit of mine, I’ve slowly narrowed in on the one thing I am perhaps most drawn to in pornographic imagery. It’s a guaranteed turn-on, a big red “YES” button in my brain, and it is surprisingly hard (heh) to come by.
You know what it is?

**WARNING. This post is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. 18+ only.**

Normal male body hair.
Yup, that’s right. Hair. I like it on chests and legs and sacs. I prefer it trimmed on the latter, mind you, but I’ll still take something over nothing. Oiled, perfectly smooth male bodies? Meh. They just don’t do it for me. I like that visible evidence that this man produces testosterone. That he’s real.
Oh, I know that nothing in porn is really real. But indulge my fantasy, will you? Give me men who look like men. Men who don’t need to go to a salon to get naked with their partners. Men who (presuming they’re stright) strike a contrast with the softness of their women. 
Because in the end, that’s my biggest turn-on. Men.

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