Six Sentence Sunday – Unacceptable Risk

Today’s Six Sentence Sunday excerpt is from my futuristic romance, Unacceptable Risk.

Edison stared at her for another moment before dipping his head to press warm lips to her cheek and throat and then down her chest over her shirt before meeting the bare skin at her waist. His uncertainty seemed to slowly melt away as he pushed the fabric up her torso, his eyes soft and glassy again, his mouth reverent as he kissed every line of metal—every scar. Her insecurity wanted to rise up inside her chest, but somehow it couldn’t. Not when with every press of lips to ruined flesh he whispered, “You’re beautiful. You’re so beautiful.”

When it came time to gaze upon his unblemished, unbroken skin, she found herself saying the very same thing.

Unacceptable Risk is available from Samhain, as well as from Amazon and B&N.

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  1. Wow, very evocative and poignant 6!

  2. What a wonderful, tender moment!

  3. Intriguing and emotional six! Congratulations on your nomination for Best Romantic Science Fiction…putting this on my tbr list!

  4. I agree – lovely scene – want to know more. Thanks for the visit to my snippet

  5. Fantastic six. Very moving description.

  6. So heart wrenching! I love the tenderness of the moment! Great six!

  7. That’s a strong scene–people coming together after finally moving past a personal blockade (the worst to overcome). I love the details here, Jeanette. It makes the scene real.

  8. Awww, so sweet and sexy!

  9. I didn’t around to reading this last week. Wow. I wish now I’d been quicker! This is a beautiful scene. Well done!

  10. I need to catch up on the story! It’s such a beautiful snippet. Congrats on your nom!!

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