Coming Up On New Year’s Eve: When It’s Right Blog Tour Wrap-Up + Giveaway

When It's RightMy new book, When It’s Right, just finished up a successful blog tour. I’m pleased to announce the winners: Amanda S.was the recipient of the Rafflecopter $25 gift card prize, and Jenna Allen picked up the $10 gift card host prize.


While the tour is over, it’s pretty much the perfect time to pick up a copy of When It’s Right. After all, what better time for a friends-to-more New Year’s Eve romance than, well, right before New Year’s Eve?

Leave a comment below to be entered to win a free e-book copy of When It’s Right. Tell me about your favorite New Year’s or New Year’s Eve memory. Be sure to include your email address so I can contact you if you win! I’ll select a winner on 12/31/13 🙂

Happy holidays!


  1. Last year we rented two trollies and bar hopped before starting the New Year at a hotel / bar on the beach. So far one of the best NYE events I’ve participated in!

    • All the family gets together in the living room and we have wine coolers/fun fruity drinks and we just have a good ole family night. But the funniest one was when we had a Rottweiler and he decided he wanted to be in on the fun and he hopped up on our laps, yes 3 people plus 131 lb dog on our laps on one couch. It was so funny! No one could move.

  2. Ebook me, baby! Just the right story for the impending new year 🙂

  3. My favorite NYE memory was in ’94…that was the night I first laid eyes on my now hubs. I had just been dumped by a boyfriend and trying to prove him wrong by “singing” along w/ the Beastie Boys “Sabatoge” (liquid courage is an amazing thing) when he walked into the room. And here we are…19 years and 2 kids later <3

  4. My favorite NYE memory is probably 1999. Waiting for the impending disaster of Y2K…and then nothing happened. 🙂

  5. Party’s at my home each year was traditition. I still have a few people over for dinner to continue the tradition

  6. The best one was last year. My husband and son and I were about to make a huge move half way across the country. My best friend and her husband and daughters planned a family friendly sleep over and good bye party with all our friends in the area. There were 20 of us ringing in the new year with wonderful food and treats and the kiddies were in bed hours before.

  7. My favorite NYE memory was just a few years ago. We don’t typically go out anymore. In fact, staying up past 10 is tough now a days. LOL Kids are tween and teen age. They grabbed us, some pots and pans and we went out in to the front yard and banged our hearts out till our ears hurt. Made me feel old, but also very blessed that MY “friends to more” has turned into a wonderful family. <3

  8. Going into the city was always crazy fun. Getting home was a nightmare, all of the taxis taken. We would walk home & by the time we arrived home the sun would be rising. Madness, but when you are very young it’s all an adventure.


  9. Congrats to Risbee! You’re the winner of the free e-book copy of When It’s Right. Happy holidays, everybody!

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