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Happy Monday, ladies and gentlemen! I am so excited to introduce Jenna McCormick, who’s here to talk about  the balancing act of writing science fiction romance. It’s also this blog’s very first guest author giveaway, so be sure to leave a comment to enter to win a copy of Jenna’s fantastic new novel, No Limits.

Striking a Balance

Okay, first a big, fat thank you to my host, author and fellow science fiction romance writer Jeanette Grey. We SFR writers are a unique and rare breed and must stick together in the wilds of modern blogdom. Okay, I made that word up, but still, you get my meaning. You’re not going to find us everywhere. We catch a lot of guff from both Science Fiction writers because we don’t write the “real” stuff and from romance writers who “Just aren’t interested in all of that technical razzle dazzle.”

            Being a science fiction romance writer requires an even thicker skin than someone who writes in another, more popular romance subgenre. With every submission, we stand a chance at being rejected, not just for the story itself, but for the elements of that story, those unique little touches that transforms a standard boy meets girl plot into a science fiction romance reader’s dream come true.

            Those elements in my book, No Limits include:

  1. A futuristic setting. New New York City, built on the remains of our current day city to rise above the pollution of the original concrete jungle.
  2. Technological enhancements to everyday life. A credit chip installed in the top layer of skin to turn an old fashioned handshake into a binding financial transaction. Personalized health guards to obliterated foreign DNA before it has a chance to infect a person. Replicators to provide that perfect pair of leather boots in your size.
  3. A cruise in a spaceship that ends is sieged by pirates.

            And many more. I knew starting out this book that it was going to be a futuristic erotic romance but finding that balance that made it acceptable to readers who wouldn’t usually pick up a science fiction romance while still making it a book SFR lovers would enjoy wasn’t easy. I thought about what made SFR my favorite genre and it all boiled down to finding and highlighting the human condition. Because no matter how many kick ass gismos I invent, or how heated a space battle becomes, this is a story about two people finding love despite insurmountable odds. The human (oid) condition and all its glory.

No Limits: By Jenna McCormick Kensington Aphrodisia

All Genevieve Luzon wants is to be loved by one man, a seemingly impossible task in New-New York City at the start of the twenty second century. Sure, she can buy sex as easily as order a pizza on a Friday night, but finding a forever kind of love among her self-centered peers is no easy feat for the unemployed off-world vacation coordinator. When an old friend offers her the position of secret shopper to test out the male prostitutes, Gen can’t think of a good reason to refuse. Hell, if she can’t find Mr. Right, she might as well try on a sampler of Mr. Right Nows.

Yet the perks of her new position don’t compare to the strange attraction she has, not for one of the prostitutes, but a candle that seems to warm places of her she never knew existed. When a man appears out of the flame, Gen is sure she’s found the one. Rhys is an empath, made a slave by the Illustra Corporation and he’s everything Gen could ever want. Except available. Because Rhys is on a mission. One that might claim his life. He must try to free his people, consequences be damned. Now, Gen must choose between turning her back on the only man she’s ever loved and the monumental task he has set for himself. Should she risk her life fighting a war hidden from polite society against those who wish to control us all?

Is love really worth fighting for?

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Giveaway: Tell me what you do or do not like about SFR. One random commenter will receive a free copy of No Limits.


  1. One of my favorite things about SFR is how bizarre you can make a scene and have it still fit in with the book and be accepted because of the genre!

  2. Don’t sign me up in the drawing–already have the book, but I just wanted to add that Jenna has a rare talent for weaving SFR elements into her romance in a natural, seamless manner that keeps the reader interested AND glued to the page. yet, I never forget I’m reading a romance. That takes skilz. I know, because I can’t pull it off myself LOL.

  3. What I like about SFR is the blending of romance and technology, the world building that takes place. Technology is both a blessing and a curse and I’m always curious about someone else’s take on where technology is headed and where we as a society are going. How far are we willing to let technology take us as a society. What I don’t like about SFR is mostly when it gets so technical that I feel as if I need to take notes, when the romance gets lost in the the story and the focus becomes too much on the scientific aspects of the world the author has created.

    Thanks for the contest!

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

  4. Jeanette, thank you again so so much for hosting me!

  5. Jenna, I agree that SFR is a niche market that does not appeal to everyone. Fortunately for us, it is bigger than I expected when I first started writing.

    All the best with your blog tour! 🙂

  6. Crhistine Guilbeaux

    What I do like about Science Fiction Romance is all of the possibilities of a story. Ordinary situations need not apply. A whole new environment can be established and incorporated in a love story.

  7. Oh, if only we had the replicators. That’s a piece of technology I could really get behind.

  8. What don’t I like about SFR? Oh, that’s a tough one, because I generally love all SFR.

    Hmmm. Probably the one thing I don’t like is when a SFR story incorporates Fantasy elements by putting them in a space or futuristic setting (i.e. Vampires in space, Werewolves in space) because there are so many more directions you can go in SFR, why fall back on popular Fantasy and Paranormal cliches?

    Now a species that suggests some of the characteristics of a Fantasy creature might be interesting, but only if they’re introduced in a fresh and unique way. For instance, Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders series.

    Congrats again on the release of No Limits, Jenn. (I’m starting to feel like an echo that’s stalking you through the space-time-blog continuum. hehe)

  9. Happy Monday 🙂 What I like abou SFR is similar as what I like with paranormal stories, it’s the world-building and endless posibilities. Even though, characters are still the most important thing to me and I like when there’s a balance of this in books. I wouldn’t like it so much is the focus is on the setting to much and there’s a lack of human emotions. Without it I can’t connect. A futuristic setting is always for fun to read about.

  10. I’ve only recently gotten interested in SFR. I really enjoyed Gail Koger’s The Warlord’s Comeuppance and now remember that I read some SFR that Johanna Lindsay wrote that was quite good.
    I’m looking forward to reading your book soon.
    mcv111 at hotmail(dot) com

  11. this is hard for me to comment on…..ive never read SFR…….i love new “firsts” 🙂

    thanks again for the giveaway!

    yankeedragon4 at gmail dotcom

  12. This is a great question. SFR is so varied — but for me I like my SFR to actually be SFR– that is techie. Like Laurie, I don’t like it when there is too much paranormal– like vamps and weres which are paranormal stories hidden inside SFR. But on the other hand the SFR genre is growing, and being open to new arenas is the thing we need to do.

  13. I’m new to romance and have not read any SFR. Now, I DO love regular sci-fi and watch a lot of sci-fi TV. So, I’d probably really like SFR.


  14. I can’t think of anything right now that I do NOT like about SFR.

  15. Thanks again for stopping by, Jenna! Science fiction romance is definitely a balancing act, but one that you walk with grace.

    The contest for a free copy of No Limits is now closed. I selected a winner using the random number generator at, and the lucky commenter is… Heather! Expect an email soon with your prize.

    Thanks to everyone for giving Jenna such a warm welcome.

  16. How I feel about SFR depends on the author’s skill with the world building. When it’s intrusive and overpowers the love story, I get bored. When it’s integrated into the love story subtly, as Jenna does, then I can get behind SFR.

  17. Do not read much straight SF since there is no romance but making to romance organic to the story does take skill. Very interested in reading all about Gen and Rhys.
    linze_e at

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