Men of Steel Release Day!

Men of Steel is a new anthology from Dreamspinner Press, featuring 11 M/M short stories about superheroes. It includes my story, Behind the Mask:

For Mack, invisibility has been more of a curse than a blessing. While he’s used his power to fight for the side of good, he can’t help hoping that someone will someday be able to see him. Someone like The Neutralizer – Metropolis’s only openly gay superhero, and the only man in the world who can counteract others’ powers.

Jeff, too, wishes to be seen. Life as The Neutralizer has brought him plenty of visibility but very little in the way of real connections. Everyone is too dazzled by his mask and cape to get to know the real him. Everyone, that is, except the mysterious man he notices lurking in the shadows at a crime scene one day. Little does he know that the man he is about to meet is not only invisible, but also extraordinary.

The collection is currently available in paperback and e-book from Dreamspinner, and it should be up on Amazon and other distributors soon.

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