Six Sentence Sunday – Just a little more Unacceptable Risk

Today’s Six Sentence Sunday excerpt is from my futuristic romance, Unacceptable Risk.

His brow pressed to her temple as he shifted between her thighs, her body cradling his as he kissed her jaw and pushed inside. Full and held, she wrapped her arms around him more tightly, everything tensing at the sound of his gruff moan and his whispers of pleasure. Slowly, carefully, he moved within her, his hands and lips never straying from her skin, and she realized in that moment that she had never felt so whole before.

So loved.

Moving faster, he pushed his pelvis against her, sending forth sparks of pleasure more intense than any she’d experienced, the combination of sensitized skin and desire driving everything deeper and harder, her body and heart both opening.

And when she crested, flying and tightening, her body wrapped around him and her mind lost to the kind of connection she had never known, she finally knew what she was fighting for.

Unacceptable Risk is available from Samhain, as well as from Amazon and B&N.

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  1. Wow, that’s a spicy hot six! Very intense! 🙂

  2. Lovely prose and hot scene.

  3. Intense and beautiful six!

  4. Your scene moved with such a tour-de-force, I forgot to come up for air. The last line was a good realization — a deeper look inside your character.

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