Different people have different ways to recharge. For me, it’s always quiet time, spent alone.

Last week, I finally completely Stage Two of our move, which involved getting all of my earthly possessions save a trunk’s worth of clothes and a laptop packed up and loaded onto a truck, and then driving from North Carolina, where I have lived for the last five years, to upstate New York, not two hours from where I grew up. (Stage One involved my husband moving up here all by himself to start his new job back in June. Stage Three will involve moving into our actual house, once we close on it in a few weeks.)

Since I arrived I’ve basically…kerflopped. All the stress of saying goodbye to all my friends and getting ready to leave and worrying about selling/buying houses finally evaporated in one big poof, leaving me looking something like this:

(You know, except without the microphone. Because talking to people sucks.)

The time since then has been spent with an inspiring mix of reading smut, watching anime, and sleeping. A lot of sleeping. I’ve been ignoring phone calls and staying off social media. The idea of interaction just leaves me exhausted. Of course, many of my friends, knowing I’m in the middle of a big change, have seen this as the ideal opportunity to call and check in. That hasn’t gone well.

But that’s okay. Part of the fun of a big dramatic change is knowing you’re stressed out, and for once in my life, I’ve used that knowledge to try to be nice to myself. No pressure to interact beyond letting people know that, yes, I am alive, and I will return their phone calls someday. No pressure to get out there and meet new people or explore the new city yet. Just quiet time. Recovery. Because that’s what I need.

How do you recharge?

PS – In case you missed it, some of my amazing writer pals and I launched a new group blog this week, called Bad Girlz Write. Stop by and meet us all, plus enter to take part in our Launch Week Giveaway **jazzhands**.


  1. Good luck with all the newness and stressness! Big changes! I do not recharge, my stress defines me these days. Well. No. On Saturdays I try to stay in bed and read and ignore my fighting children as much as is neglectfully possible. Though, it’s a double edged sword, as I’m sure you can imagine.

    • Thanks! I dislike the stress being defining but completely understand. Perhaps the biggest surprise was how ‘fine’ I thought I was until the first instant I had a chance to not have the be fine anymore.

      Hoping your kids give you some much-needed space.

  2. Congrats on your move!!! I hope everything continues to go smoothly for you and your family settling into your new home.

    I am very much like you. I recharge by reading and doing little else. I spend minimal time on my laptop. My youngest child is 17 and independent most of the time, so she doesn’t require much attention from us. That leaves me and my husband time to do a lot more things together too. I always love visiting mom who lives on Cape Cod. I become a couch potato while sitting on the deck, book in hand with a nice drink close by at all times. That is when I feel I can truly breathe.

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