Corporate Affairs Anthology Release!

Just a quick note that Corporate Affairs, a new anthology from Xcite Press just released for sale this week! It’s a collection of super-hot stories about mixing business and pleasure.

Discover what happens when lovers mix business with pleasure – working nine to five has never been such a thrill!

Taking passion out of the bedroom and into the boardroom, this collection of twenty erotic stories explores sex in the workplace. In a world of mergers and acquisitions, hostile takeovers and breakfast meetings, colleagues grow closer than is professionally necessary, luscious lingerie lurks beneath a staid pinstriped business suit and bosses learn that sometimes it’s more fun when their secretary is on top.


My story is called “The Game”:

The Game by Jeanette Grey

Everybody needs a diversion to help pass the time at work. Together with her fellow administrative assistant (and secret boyfriend) Andy, Mel enjoys playing a game they call ‘fucking or not fucking’. In it, they try to guess which of their supervisors are sleeping together to advance their careers. All that speculation leads to other games, though. Games wherein the two of them pretend that Andy is the supervisor – and Mel is the underling who is desperate to get ahead.

Here’s a snippet:

His voice was in her ear, his hands closing around her upper arms and pulling her even closer. For a second, she gave in.

“Oh believe me,” he murmured. “I know you have standards. Very, very exacting ones. And I know I meet them. Every night. Repeatedly.”

She had no bluster and no snark left. All seriousness, she blanched and fought to free herself. Pushed back until she was safely on the other side of her cubicle, eyes on the gap in the walls. “Andy,” she hissed. “Not at work.”

He didn’t follow her. He gave her space, but as he shifted forward, planting his elbows on his knees and gazing at her with the kind of intensity he usually reserved for getting her out of her clothes, it was as if his presence filled the room. As if he was still touching her. His eyes blazed. “Not at work? Why not?” He jerked his head toward Steve’s still-shuttered office. “Everybody else is.”

“If everybody else jumped off cliff—”

“I might.” He spoke right over her, his words barely audible but so loud inside her ears. “If it meant I got to be inside you, I might.”

This book is extra special to me because it also contains a story by my very dear friend and critique partner, Brighton Walsh.

It’s for sale through Xcite‘s store, and on Amazon.


  1. Also on BN? Or for other ereaders? Thanks.

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