Who’s Tall, Dark, Handsome, Rich, AND Speaks Fluent French?

With my print debut, Seven Nights To Surrender, hitting shelves in less than two weeks (**blows into a paper bag**), I figured it’s about time I introduce you to the reason behind the entire book–a gentleman who walked into my head and refused to leave it until I came up with a story for him.


Meet Rylan Bellamy. To all appearances, Rylan’s a guy who seems to have it all. Born into wealth, he’s been groomed his whole life to take the reins of his father’s Fortune 500 company. Commanding in both the boardroom and the bedroom, he’s got thick dark hair, a wicked smile, crystal blue eyes, and a flawless French accent.

And when the story finds him, he is utterly adrift.

Following a betrayal, Rylan left his whole life behind. For the past year, he’s been cooling his heels in Paris, seducing tourists and trying to ignore the anger and the purposelessness that eat away at him. The women he takes to his bed are lured in by his good looks and his bottomless bank account, and he doesn’t let them see any part of him beyond that. He keeps everything on the surface, indulging in single nights of pleasure before sending his conquests on their way.

seven-opencollar-pleasureDeep down, though, he’s hungry for a real connection—for the chance to know and be known. Yet even when he meets a woman who seems to see past his façade, he guards his secrets jealously. Their passion is unlike any he’s experienced, and the closer she gets to glimpsing the man he truly is, the hotter and more intimate their time together becomes. At first, the anonymity was a game. But now it’s the heart of their connection. For the first time, someone is seeing past his fortune and his name. He’s stripped bare by it, and the sensation is addicting.

But there’s a ticking clock hanging over them. And as their precious seconds together slip past, he realizes he has no idea how he’s ever going to let her go.

Seven Nights To Surrender releases November 3, 2015. Pre-order your copy today: 
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