She went to Paris looking for her muse. Instead, she found him.

The countdown is on until the release of my debut print novel, Seven Nights To Surrender. I’ve already introduced you to the hero of the book – rich, handsome, jaded ex-pat Rylan Bellamy. Now I’d like you to meet his match, a lovely young American travelling in Europe alone, Kate Reid.


An aspiring artist, Kate has splurged the majority of her meager savings on what she’s terrified is an ill-advised trip to Paris. Searching for a voice of her own as a painter, she strikes out in search of inspiration. Instead, she finds Rylan.

Though she’s hardly immune to the man’s suave charm and good looks, his easy flirtation puts Kate on her guard. Demons from her past make her automatically mistrustful, and Rylan seems way too good to be true. But his slow and steady seduction reels her in. He takes her to art museums and feeds her crepes by hand on a brightly lit Parisian street. He makes no effort to hide that he wants her in his bed, but with every glancing touch and stolen kiss, he promises he’ll give her a night she’ll never forget.

An erotic romance by Jeanette Grey - Seven Nights To Surrender

It’s a promise she finds hard to resist. She’s not a virgin, but her grand total of two sexual partners both left her unsatisfied. Rylan offers her the chance to experience the truly great sex she’d always imagined just wasn’t met for her. He coaxes untold pleasures from her body and makes it his own personal mission to show her that she deserves to be treated like a queen.

Despite her best intentions, she falls into his web. The passion of their bedroom activities mixes with the quiet intimacy of exploring a foreign city together, and she finds herself revealing pieces of herself she’s never shown to anyone before.

She’s known from the start that this was a fling. But with every passing night, it seems to be turning into so much more.

Seven Nights To Surrender releases November 3, 2015. Pre-order your copy today: 
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