Obligatory Happy New Year Post

Hi there! It’s been a crazy end of the year over here in the Grey household, what with getting (and staying) sick over Christmas, launching a book, seeing family and starting a possibly overly ambitious home improvement project. But I thought I’d check in for a second to say Happy New Year and maybe reflect a little.

2011 felt like it passed by in a blur. It was my first full year of working on writing full-time, which has been an interesting experience. I’ve loved the freedom, and for the most part I’ve managed to stay motivated, but my guilt at not bringing in a real paycheck bogged me down a lot. In that time, I wrote and published two novellas and a handful of short stories. I also wrote my first novel (though for the moment it’s still sitting under the bed collecting dust until I can bear to take a machete to it and hopefully turn it into something salable).

2012 has all the promise of being even better and hopefully more productive. My one resolution is to try and stay more positive and recognize successes instead of getting bogged down in feeling inadequate.

My goals include:

  • Edit and begin querying Novel #1
  • Write Novel #2
  • Write and publish at least one novella
  • Write and publish at least three short stories

That should keep me busy, I think.

How was your year? What are you looking forward to?

I hope it was great, and that next year will be even better.

xoxo, -Jeanette

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